Judging.013On Wednesday I attended the Connected Consumer Conference held by Mediatel at Nomura in London. The panels were actually pretty good, with some write ups here. I took part in a panel with the less than inspiring title ‘Metrics and Data’, but surprisingly, despite being last on the schedule, the room was packed. I don’t think that would have happened five years ago. Perhaps data really is the new rock’n roll. Here is the view from the stage as the crowd were coming in. You can see the moderator, Torin Douglas checking his notes on the left:

Panorama Connected Consumers

During  the panel Justin Sampson from BARB talked about their new Dovetail initiative and broadcaster’s agreement to use metadata to allow BARB to measure TV delivered by IP. This is something I was involved in the very early stages of whilst at Kantar, so I am glad it is reaching fruition.  Mediatel have summarised what Justin said here. Jeff Eales from Sky discussed the Adsmart addressable advertising system and I mainly focused on the theme of definitions – that TV is now a medium not a platform and also trailed my report on Big Data for the IPA which was being released the next day and I will cover in a separate post. Other debate topics included why 5000 homes is the right size for BARB, the growth of OCR (Online Campaign Ratings) and Videology targeting people across multiple devices.

MT_CC 219Here’s a picture from the event – I am not sure why I am looking so disapproving as largely the panel was characterised by riotous agreement.

I also took part as a judge in the first ever Connected Consumer Awards, judging entries across five categories, with the winners announced here.

Here is a video of the judges, including yours truly in need of a haircut, talking about the winners: