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From time to time events I speak at and chair get videotaped and occasionally I appear on TV, so here is a selection of some of my exploits plucked from corporate websites and the darkest reaches of YouTube and Vimeo. I am also a regular presenter on the asicast podcast, but these are all neatly gathered together on the asi site, so no need to duplicate them here.

This is a video of the June 2017 launch of the IPA’s ‘Matter Of Fact’ call to action that I edited and presented. This saw advertisers and agencies coming together to demand greater transparency and credibility in online data. You can read more and download the report here.


I work with asi as Research Director, helping to guide the topic matters for conferences on TV and radio, build an agenda, work with the speakers and chair sessions.

This is a full video of an important debate ‘Who’s Data Is It Anyway?’ that I chaired at the asi Budapest conference in November 2016.

Meanwhile here is a less structured Q&A session from the APAC asi Video Conference in May 2017.

In September 2014 I helped to launch the new TV season in Iceland and as a result was interviewed by TV2 about the future of TV. I also ended up on Iceland’s Got Talent, but that is a whole other story…  Click on the image below which takes you to their site.

RM icealand


Back in 2013 I wrote a paper for the IPA called ‘The Big Opportunity’, contrasting the merits of Big Data and research panels. This is a video of the launch of the paper, using a Delacroix painting as a visual metaphor. You can download the report here.


Sticking with the theme of fine art, this is a video shot as the introduction to the World Audiences Summit in Hong Kong in 2012. Thanks to Anthony Lynch at Blackbox Productions and John McCarthy who produced it.

RM art

Finally here I am interviewing Jamie West of Sky Media about their new Sky Advance targeted advertising system. This is at the 2016 Future Of TV Advertising Conference. Shot from the back of the auditorium so don’t expect any close-ups..

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