The Big Data Opportunity

Big opportunity detailOn Thursday 20 June at a breakfast event in town, the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) launched the report I wrote for them examining the impact of ‘Big Data’ on audience research. The origins of the report are a column that I wrote for Mediatel a few months ago. If that was a seven inch single then this is the concept album. It is aimed at a broad audience, at data users not just researchers, so hopefully it’s an accessible overview of Big Data and the industry currencies.

The report is available to download free from the IPA website here.

The Report has already received extensive coverage on Mediatel NewslineResearch Live and two positive articles in Campaign here and here

Here is a positive review of the launch event itself (the second topic).

A more critical review from Leender van Meerem on his blog, which makes some valid points about what the report does not cover – in the end I was a victim of word count as the brief was (understandably) that the report should not be an epic.

In the next few weeks a video of the presentation I gave at the launch will be released and I will post it along with the charts I showed, so stay tuned.

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