I’m a regular host for asicast, the asi podcast, which covers media and related research and data. I don’t tend to post them individually here, not least as we are up to issue 96 already (we need to think about how we will mark our centenary special). However I thought I would post some links to recent editions that may be of wider interest. That’s not to say that the others aren’t interesting too, but we cover quite a wide range of topics that can vary in how specific they are to a particular medium.

Here’s a chat with Colin Morrison, who writes the informative blog ‘Flashes & Flames’ about the news and magazine industry. We discuss the long terms future for publishing and I bring in my mother’s views on Brexit for some reason. Episode 96 is here

In episode 93  James Hewes of FIPP –  the Federation of International Periodical Publishers – definitely sees paid subscriptions as opposed to advertising as most likely to secure the future of publishing brands.

Whilst in episode 90 I interviewed Justin Sampson just after BARB issued their RFI for the new measurement contracts. Based on the server stats for this one the research agencies were giving this episode a very careful listen.

Plenty more where those came from on the asicast archive page.  In a podcast review we were described a while back as “a little less professionally produced than the others but genuine discussion for measurement geeks”. So, smarting from that comment about our technical prowess, we recently invested in a nice new Snowball Blue microphone (pictured above), as recommended by a number of podcasts I listen to. You may notice a step change in the audio quality across the last dozen or so as a result.