What’s wrong with the words ‘digital consumer’? Let me tell you…

3149854-1Here’s a link to my June column for Mediatel. Although the column went out on time, I have a been a bit delayed in posting it here due to pressure of work.

The seed of the column was a panel I chaired at Mediatel’s Connected Consumer (see this post) about ‘Data and Metrics’. The panel went well but it was commented afterwards that we talked a lot about data but not at all about metrics – how we actually define an describe media behaviour. So I penned this column, which gradually evolved into a rant about the words ‘digital’ and  ‘consumer’, the first of which I believe is redundant, the second offensive and patronising. I didn’t get a lot of feedback on this particular column, which reminds me of an interview I once read with the comedian Ben Elton whose biggest fear was that he might walk on stage to deliver a rant about ‘Don’t you just hate it when..” only to find out the audience actually didn’t. So perhaps I am on my own on this one, but I am sticking to my guns.

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