US media measurement and specifically that of TV and video, do seem to be in a state of turmoil at the moment. The Nielsen TV panel experienced significant problems due to the pandemic, resulting in what the broadcasters claim was billions in lost revenue. NBC have launched a tender process for a new measurement system, whilst the ANA is commissioning pilots for cross-media measurement systems to deliver on the WFA’s ‘North Star’ for measurement (see also my last post about Project Origin in the UK).

To try to shed some light on the situation, as host of the asicast in the last couple of months I have been busy interviewing some of the key players in the unfolding drama. This has included a candid overview of the crisis by CIMM’s Jane Clarke, a robust defence from Nielsen’s Kimberly Gilberti, an overview of the comScore pilot for the ANA by Michael Vinson and insights from TVision’s Yal Liu. You can listen to these as audio podcasts at the asi site, or by searching ‘asicast’ on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. However if you want to watch the interviews I have embedded the YouTube links below as a binge-worthy box set.

Jane Clarke, CIMM
Kimberly Gilberti, Nielsen
Michael Vinson, Comscore
Yan Liu, TVision