asicast-37-tess-alpsI thought I should draw your attention to this discussion with Thinkbox’s Tess Alps that we recorded a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t put all the asiCast podcast audio interviews up on this site as they come out pretty regularly and would dominate this news feed. You can stream them all over on the asi podcast page. However this discussion breaks the asiCast format by being 25 minutes long, by far our longest yet. The extra time is warranted as Tess covers a lot of really interesting ground. The discussion was prompted by an article Tess published in which she raised serious concerns about agencies and advertisers not taking due care in appraising the quality and objectivity of the online data they are using.

The discussion also  nicely sets up a panel that I will be moderating at the Budapest asi Television & Video Conference called ‘Who’s Data Is It Anyway?’ featuring both new and ‘traditional’ media companies, but I will save details of that for a subsequent article.

The interview is available from the asi website  and also on Soundcloud and the iTunes store for your listening pleasure. Just don’t get me started on headphone sockets!