IMG_0056As some of you may be aware, I gave a presentation in 3D at the MRG Conference at Tate Britain last week (9 December). The topic matter was the Connected Screens tracker that I consult on, which had an added dimension via a package called Presente3D. It’s a simple and intuitive package using good old fashioned analglyph glasses – basically it offsets red and blue in the image to give a sense of depth. It works as a plug into powerpoint and appears as an extra tab that allows you to pick what effects you want. It then outputs into a file that you can use on the day. However that file will only play on laptops that actually have the licence, so I had to bring along a laptop to plug in, much to the dismay of the AV team (despite repeated warnings ahead of time).

IMG_0055Presente3d doesn’t have a version for Mac or iOS, so I had to do the whole thing on a borrowed Windows laptop. I have to say that after 4 years of being Mac only, my return to a Windows PC would have made a good Channel 4 documentary ( like where they put chefs in a 19th century kitchen). Suffice it to say the air around Research The Media Towers turned blue as I discovered the true horror that is Windows 10.

IMG_0057Avatar it certainly wasn’t, but it was good fun to do. I don’t think the future lies in 3D bar charts, but as a one off ‘gimmick’ it seemed to be effective and the audience seemed to enjoy it far more than the AV guys!