Back in January I attended a Mediatel event called ‘The Year Ahead 2014’ at which pundits
made their predictions for the media industry year ahead.

It was a behind closed doors event operating under ‘Chatham House Rules’ (which basically means you couldn’t tweet about it). However I was collared to take part in a ‘vox pops’ video afterwards and appear alongside  various talking heads making their predictions, which I present for your edification and enjoyment.  It is illuminating but not very well lit. This of course works to my advantage as I approach the big 5-0, but at least I am more visible than the person directly after me as you will see.

If you are ‘time poor’ – or prefer text to video –  my New Year prediction was this:

Five companies have arguably had the most impact on media in the last decade – Facebook, Google, Youtube (which started off separately), Apple and Twitter. Of those the youngest – Twitter – is now eight years old. So in 2014 in the likely absence of anything radically new coming along, perhaps we will stop marvelling at ‘new born’ media and move beyond a state of perpetual revolution. Hopefully we can now focus our energies on building our understanding of how people actually use these media in a new era of digital adolescence. 

At least that’s what I meant to say….