033_MediaTelAs mentioned in a previous posting and on Twitter, earlier this month (February) I was on a panel organised by Mediatel, an annual event looking at the Future of Media Research, I gather a write-up on Mediatel is imminent, so I won’t pre-empt that and do a full review, but will post a link to that when they post it.  Details of panel members and topics are here.

The event was well-attended – standing room only. Sadly there was not a lot of discord on the panel, but nonetheless some good debate, particularly focussed on Big Data. I suggested the name was misleading and that Deep Data would be more appropriate as these data sets tend to be quite narrow in their coverage. Nielsen and Comscore presented about online GRPs. We discussed social TV, which was appropriate, as Twitter had acquired Blue Fin Labs that very morning. I also launched into a tirade about my bête noir, the overuse of cluster groups and called for them to be banned. I am fed up with surveys that group people into catchily named segments and – lo and behold – the most attractive segment just happens to be the one that uses the client product the most! It’s so tired and obvious. Surprisingly most people seemed to agree with me.

The venue was the 10th floor of Central St Giles near Centre Point, which I can heartily recommend as the venue was very light and airy with great views over London. Thanks to Mediatel for the invite and an enjoyable event.