Horses for Courses and Impossible Astronauts

An article written for Marketing Week, and one that for once I was quite happy with. So of course it was published on the day before Christmas Eve, so I doubt anyone read it – would be interesting to know how many hits it got. Here it is..

The article followed a paper that I delivered with my former colleague and US research guru George Shababb at the ESOMAR Media conference in Berlin a month before. Actually the last such conference – I hope it wasn’t something we said!

The article focuses on two main themes. Firstly I wanted to emphasise that the future of audience measurement will be hybrid solutions. I was also showing support for the BBC’s upcoming live +7 initiative and make the point that judging shows just on overnights – as many papers and journals continue to do – was misleading. Interestingly this had a sequel a few months later when an episode of Doctor Who became the most timeshfted in TV history, reported very widely from Mediatel to Doctor Who News. A great quote from my former colleague Dalia Gereis, reported in both.This was in important counterweight to articles in the Daily Mail claiming the show was in trouble due to the lower overnights. Any excuse to bash the BBC…

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