An article for Broadcast magazine this time, the publication for the UK television industry itself, as opposed to a research trade. Here’s the article. It was timed  to support and promote the bi-annual Royal Television Society convention in Cambridge.  I was to give a paper about the use of data in TV. If you don’t subscribe to broadcast the original text I submitted is here. This was quite an honour. The event rarely discusses research, as it tends to be for the ‘great and good’ of the industry – for example the keynote was by Jeremy Hunt, back in quieter days for him, and my session was hosted by Dawn Airey.

This article summarises the main theme of my paper which is a call for the industry to realize the value of a common currency and to understand that their own data sets (server data, user/subscriber databases) could coexist with the industry currency.  The paper at RTS which can be found here also included a lot of work in Prezi, the graphics package that allowed me to portray the top TV shows as planets and satellites, with lots of zooming and spinning, possibly inducing nausea in some delegates. Thanks to Alex North and Antonio Carvalho for their ‘data visualisation’ work. RTS Panel article in Television summarises the session I introduced and you can see the ‘planets’ behind the subsequent panel.

It was a great event, with David Mitchell the highlight.