About Research The Media

Research the Media is the website for the media consultancy business run by Richard Marks.

Research the Media is designed to support my work as a consultant in the media research and audience measurement business. The business is me and I am the business. This is not designed as something that will lead to an acquisition, an IPO, or me appearing on Dragon’s Den! The business isn’t scalable, focused on Intellectual Property and Patents, or looking to hire staff. what is it…?

Through Research the Media I work with clients on specific projects that make use of my 25 years in media research, offer specific training and presentational services and give my independent views on media research and media more generally via a regular blog.

The key sections of this site are:

Consulting  Understand how Research the Media could help your organisation on specific projects or tasks.

Training  Arrange individual or group training sessions on winning presentations, pitches and conference papers.

Writing   Read updates on published articles and interviews ( and also see from the older ones whether I was talking a load of rubbish at the time or not!)

Creating  A quick look at some past achievements in media research. This section is mainly for people who haven’t worked with me before. An alternative title could have been ‘Blowing’, as in blowing my own trumpet.

Blogging  An independent take on the media from an observer with no links to media holdings or with any shareholders to keep happy. Designed to start a debate.

Speaking An updating list of upcoming and past major conferences and events.

Enjoying  Some things that may lighten your working day. For much more, visit my media and culture blog, Richardmlive

Contacting You guessed it – how to get hold of me.

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