It’s important to stress that Research The Media is not a research agency: the ‘product’ is essentially my expertise and time, working with clients on specific deliverables – a project, a presentation, a pitch or solving a business challenge. So think of me as an independent research ‘troubleshooter’.

The services available from Research the Media draw on my global experience in presenting, winning and managing major industry contracts like BARB,  building award-winning, ground breaking projects – like BBC Daily Life, IPA Touchpoints, VirtualMeter and ROAR –  and introducing global research innovations like Return Path Data and PPM.

I also draw on many years of conference speaking and attendance, including for the last five years my work as Research Director for asi Conferences, organising and chairing international conferences on television and radio.

This experience is outlined in the section called About me..

Consulting services described in more detail below are as follows. To discuss any of them contact me at or via social media at Contact:

  1. Conference Presentations
  2. Conference Organisation
  3. Overseeing/consulting on major tender processes
  4. Collaboration on major presentations and pitches
  5. Project management
  6. Future trends/ desk research
  7. Evaluating potential media and related acquisitions
  8. Analysis and interpretation
  9. Programming research, scheduling

1. Conference Presentations

I am an independent keynote speaker with an award winning track record in set piece presentations. I have a particular focus on the future of media research, trends in television viewing and technology and on audience measurement. In the section on Speaking you can view a list of upcoming and recent major presentations, whilst in the section on Writing you can sample just a few of the topics that I have covered. I place a particular emphasis on how the presentation materials are used and I deliver an integrated, immersive experience. For more background on my ethos of presenting, check out the section on Training

2. Conference Organisation

I have extensive experience in setting up and organising conferences. This includes establishing a framework for the event, working on the agenda and contacting speakers and hosting sessions. I collaborated on setting up the hugely successful World Audiences Summit in 2011 and compered the first two events in New York and Hong Kong. I have worked with Mediatel on the programme for events such as the annual Future Of Media Research, The Big Day of Data and the UK Media Research Awards, now in its fifth year. As Research Director for asi, I work to help organise, run and promote their international events.

3. Overseeing / consulting on major tender processes

This encompasses the formulation of briefs and evaluation of tenders for TV, radio, online and press industry contracts.

I have over two decades experience of successfully pitching for industry audience measurement contracts around the world and can work with Joint Industry Committees and media owners to ensure a successful tender process, from formulating the brief through to technical evaluation.

4. Behind the scenes collaboration on major presentations or pitches

I can work on preparing key presentations for your company. In recent years I led a global team with an unprecedented level of success in pitches for major projects around the world. Central to that success was an integrated approach through the whole pitch process, from the tender document through to the final presentation.

I can collaborate on the evolution of the offer, the development of a winning theme and also advise during rehearsals for the pitch. I have a very strong track record in data visualisation, but this isn’t just about making charts looks pretty; it’s about developing a winning and engaging theme, whether for a vital pitch or for a critical conference paper.  I work directly with clients to tease out stories and optimise pitches and presentations.  This can be a specific mission to conceptualise a presentation or pitch and prepare it or….

5. Project Management

I have a a proven track record in bringing new research projects to market, for example the innovative use of PDAs on the BBC Daily Life and IPA Touchpoints projects, the development of the ROAR and VIPer studies and more recently guiding the development of measurement technologies like Portable People Meters, Return Path Data, RapidMeter and VirtualMeter.

6. Future Trends / Desk Research

Observing media trends, extrapolating and advising clients on what to do as a result. We live in a world which makes a fetish of complexity, but actually digital will make things much simpler – the question is to work out now what will prevail and what won’t. I have the proven ability to gather data and opinions, in order to boil a topic down to what really matters.

7. Evaluating potential media and related acquisitions.

As a former Global CEO and Business Development Director, I have played an active role in a number of acquisitions and have a pretty well-developed ability to detect a potential winner or whether the Emperor is wearing new clothes.

8. Data analysis and interpretation

Working to analyse data – bringing it to life, summarising and presenting back effectively. This can be specific research projects or audience data.

9. Programming research, scheduling

Using existing databases for specific investigative projects or liaising in the creation of new projects. I have two decades of experience working with the major broadcasters in UK and around the world and a strong track record in researching and tracking content.


I don’t do auditing, but I can connect you with people who do…

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