newspapersHere – somewhat belatedly- is my latest column for Mediatel Newsline. It is a report on an event hosted by Newsworks, their first Effectiveness Summit. I have to admit that the column was written in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote and I was struck by the irony that the electorate had been told, by a number of the papers that support Newsworks, not to believe experts and yet here we were been told how great a vehicle for advertising news brands are… by experts. The arguments were very strong but the article is admittedly suffused with post-Brexit bitterness. You can read it here.

I also gave an interview after the event in which I also pointed out that irony, but unsurprisingly, although I do feature fleetingly in the event video below, those comments did not make the final cut.  On the same day my article was published Rufus Olins – CEO of Newsworks – also published a Brexit-themed piece urging people to go with their heads not their hearts, which works as a companion piece I guess.  I see that Rufus is now leaving Newsworks to join the Co-op. He has had a major impact in his role at Newsworks, not least in the move to using the term ‘Newsbrands’ which was vital strategic move.